Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey guys! My names Gus Kosmopoulos and for my fourth year animated film here at Sheridan, I'm doing a music video.

Why? Why not? Because of my background in music, I've always wanted to be able to mix both my visual art and music together. So music videos seemed natural.

I was lucky enough to have my friends in the music industry and scene, from small to large. I was approached by a good friend of mine, Aaron Lavigueur to do the second video for his band, Captain Kife, entitled 'Damp Athetic'.

If you're a fan of good hard rock and punk rock, you'll love this band. Here's their first video, done by my buddy Doug (a graduate of Sheridan who has worked on Underworld 3, Watchmen) and his group.

My video is the continuation of the story of Captain Kife's plan to control the world, and how one band is sick of his bullshit.

This'll give you an idea anyway. I'll put up the mp3, as well as artwork and rough animations, Leica reel and anything else I can think of related to the band and the video!

For now, have fun exploring. Enjoy the tunes.

Cheers, beers and bloody ears,


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